It should be noted that no gutter guard protection system is maintenance free. Maintenance is dictated by the types of debris that land on the roof and gutter. Leaves, twigs, seeds, and other debris are usually swept off the gutter guards by rain and wind. As a result the wind patterns around your home have an effect on the accumlation of debris on top of the gutter guards.

As time goes by, it is possible debris might build up on top of your gutter guards in certain areas that has not blown off and needs to be simply swept away. Marcel's Solutions will gladly stop by and perform that service for you at no charge.

Very rarely, depending on the winter weather, you might have seen icicles form on yours or your neighbors gutters. This occurs when the temperature is below freezing and snow on the roof melts from direct sunshine or defective attic insulation. When the water hits the gutters it instantly freezes. On a home without gutter guards, the ice fills up the gutter and then comes over the edge forming icicles. Often the weight of the ice causes the gutter to bend, crack, or even tear loose from the fascia  (home?)

On a home with gutter guard, the water instantly freezes on top of the gutter guard and immediately forms icicles without filling up the gutter with ice. Although you will see icicles on your home sooner than a neighbor without gutter guards, your gutters remain free of ice and able to channel water away from the house as soon as temperature rises.

All gutter guards allow very small roof and organic particles to pass through and enter the gutter. Most of this debris flushes away during a rain. After years, it is possible that a layer of sludge accumulates in the gutter. Or on occasion, insects or birds penetrate the system and build nests that could plug it up. At times like these it is necessary to remove some portioins of the gutter guard to eliminate the issue. The 3 types of gutter guards that Marcel's Solutions offers are all easily removed and reinstalled for this reason. There are other gutter guard systems on the market that are permanently fixed in place and if these need to be serviced it often requires complete replacement of the gutter guard system at great expense.