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Portfolio It seems that the roof of our home is the last place to get attention even though the entire integrity of the building hinges on it. Possibly one of those out of sight out of mind things.  We often … Read More


Welcome To Marcel’s Gutter Solutions Marcel’s Gutter Solutions has two primary goals – protect you and your home. Climbing a ladder to clean your gutters can be dangerous. According to the U.S. Consumer Products Commission more than 500,000 people were … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Why should I choose Wisconsin Websites LLC? My prices are extremely fair and I can create a secure, attractive, reliable, easy-to-use website in a very reasonable amount of time. How much will it cost? There are three website … Read More

About Me

About Me I was born in Amsterdam, Holland and after a time we moved to Toronto, Canada. Eventually our family established itself in Beloit, Wisconsin where I began my roofing and gutter education. As a young apprentice I worked for … Read More


Contact Me If you would like a free estimate or simply have your questions answered, just call or write. It will be a pleasure hearing from you. Sincerely, Marcel de Ridder President Marcel’s Gutter Solutions Quality is Everything 414-828-4968 MarcelsSolutions@gmail.com


Products Shur Flo products have been carefully enegineered to protect your home. Quality checking during the manufacturing and installation process ensures you receive the highest quality, best performing rain gutter products. Marcel’s Solutions is proud to offer the following products. … Read More


Services Gutter Cleaning Your gutters are a critical weather-proofing component of your home. They are designed to collect rain and melted snow and channel them away from your home’s roof, eaves, walls, foundation and landscaping. For the gutters to function efficiently … Read More


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